Cool New Orleans Neighborhoods

As one of the top travel destinations in the United States, New Orleans has only grown more and more in popularity. Its cuisine, atmosphere, and cultural legacy of music and reveling culminate in the yearly Mardi Gras celebration, where partiers from across the country and beyond celebrate at the Cajun capital! Although it’s impossible to list all of the coolest New Orleans neighborhoods in one list, we’ve put together a little something-something that piques the curiosity of anyone!

Algiers Point

Connected to downtown New Orleans with the help of one of America’s oldest ferry lines, this sleepy suburb offers an unbeatable vista showcasing the city’s skyline. Full of gorgeous Creole-style cottages, this cool New Orleans neighborhood also boasts handicraft shops and local pubs sure to appeal to anyone looking for a “slice of life” New Orleans vacay! 

St. Roch

One of the most well-known foodie neighborhoods in New Orleans, St. Roch is considered a travel Mecca. St. Roch market has evolved into a food hall with 11 dining choices involving local Louisiana seafood with influences from both Asia and Mexico. Cocktail bars have cropped up along the way, inventing newer and grander drinks sure to entertain even the most experienced bar crawlers! 

Warehouse District

Made up of dozens of repurposed warehouses, this cool New Orleans neighborhood features unique restaurants with themes ranging from classic surf and turf to local gastronomic innovations. The Warehouse District is also home to the National World War Two Museum, showcasing the struggles American soldiers of all stripes endured in overcoming the forces of fascism. Areas such as Julia Street feature art galleries with thought-provoking exhibits and local artists. 


Past the edge of the French Quarter, travelers will discover Faubourg Marigny (often shortened to just Marigny). This cool New Orleans destination is crammed with bars, tattoo parlors, and musical venues that stroke the creativity of all who show up for the party. Live music and inexpensive bourbon keep the festivities going well into the night, with St. Claude Avenue and Frenchmen being the most trafficked areas on average. 

Irish Channel/Lower Garden District

As its name suggests, this cool New Orleans neighborhood overflows with Celtic greenery reminiscent of the verdant Gaelic fields. With strikingly different architecture, this neighborhood is quite distinct from the French Quarter with its array of vintage shops, restaurants, and cottages. Of course, for those looking for the pub experience, plenty of Irish-themed venues such as Tracey’s and Parasol’s are just a streetcar ride away!


With the same electric vibes found in Marigny, this risque New Orleans destination cranks the bohemian dial up to 11 with its eternal ode to late-night dive bars, clothing-optional pools, and niche musical venues. The infamous Krewe of Chewbacchus makes its home in Bywater!

French Quarter

No list of the coolest New Orleans neighborhoods would be complete without listing the French Quarter, famous for its cultural innovations, architecture, and New Orleans legacy. Far more than just bars and clubs, the French Quarter features tours of the Mississippi River and local haunts (literally!) with stops along with historical restaurants that have spanned generations. If there would be one place to visit in New Orleans, we might just suggest the French Quarter as our top pick! 

New Orleans Neighborhoods