Bulk Order King Cakes

Bulk King Cake Ordering.  (Suggested for 25 or more recipients.)

Our corporate clients just love the results from our king cake bulk ordering process.  It's easy and their clientele have never received a tastier gift.  Our typical bulk orders range from a few hundred to 4,000 and more.  It's a proven hit because 93% of our corporate clients place multiple bulk orders year after year!

(Photo shows contents of Traditional King Cake delivery)

Ship Manny Randazzo King Cakes all across the United States using our bulk address order form.  The process is simple.  Download a blank spreadsheet using the link below and input the delivery information for each of your recipients.  One cake will be delivered to each recipient in the list.  Upon receipt of the file, we will calculate the total order amount and contact you for payment information and delivery date.  That’s it!  We take care of the rest.  Standard prices apply.

Download and submit only one of the files below.  We offer the same file in several formats for your convenience.  Click from the list below to download the spreadsheet for your bulk order:

  • Click Here for Microsoft Excel 2007 compatible file (.xlsx file)
  • Click Here for Microsoft Excel 97-2003 compatible file(.xls file)

PROBLEMS?  For best results, you must have a spreadsheet application installed on your PC or MAC, such as Microsoft Excel, to open and edit the files above. If you are unsure, start from the top of the list (starting with Excel 2007 compatible file) and work your way down the list. There are spreadsheet tools free of charge available to you. You could sign up for a free account with Google Docs and open the file that way, or download and install OpenOffice for free to open the files. 

Please contact our office for assistance at (504) 456-1476.