Best Things to do in New Orleans in the Fall

Now that Louisiana is starting to cool off in preparation for our semi-cool Fall weather, we can start planning outdoor activities with family and friends. While many might be concerned with planning outings in New Orleans, there is still plenty to do that allows you to socially distance during the pandemic. 

Visiting the zoo during the cooling months makes walking through the attractions much easier, especially if you are bringing children. No one likes walking through the Louisiana heat, so make a trip to the Audubon Zoo now that New Orleans is cooling off. Since you won't be drained from the heat after visiting all the animals, you can head over to City Park for even more family fun!

Having a picnic or a walk through the historic City Park is a must during the Fall season. This beautiful park has been a part of New Orleans since 1854, and it is one of the oldest parks in the country. Filled with mystic oak trees and moss canopies, you are sure to hear the whispers of the historical past when walking among these beautiful legends. Take a walk through the 1,300 acres of mother nature and explore various museums, activities, and vendors. City Park is sure to have something for everyone! 

A trip to the city isn't complete without a sweet treat. Making a trip to Aunt Sally's Praline Shop is a must before you stroll through Jackson Square. Jackson Square offers fun and historical entertainment just a short walk from the best pralines your taste buds will ever experience. Whether you stop to examine the local art or you walk over to the St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square has a lot to offer for those looking for a historical adventure. 

Waiting to explore New Orleans during the Fall season is ideal for those ready for a break from Louisiana's harsh Summer heat. Even in the middle of a pandemic, New Orleans has plenty of activities to offer those who need to escape. 

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