Kingcake Order FAQ

Q: Does the price include the shipping charges?
Yes, the price includes king cake, Mardi Gras cup, beads, doubloons, history of king cake brochure, and overnight delivery.
Q: When I entered the address for delivery, there was an extra $6.00 charge. Why is that?
UPS Next Day Air Saver is not available to all sections of the Country. Usually rural routes and routes in which UPS does not make routine deliveries to, those packages will be sent UPS Next Day Air for the extra $6.00 charge. Your recipient will then receive the king cake the next day, usually before noon.
Q: Can I get a different delivery date calling the shop from what's available on the web?
No. The same dates for the web site are the same dates that are available at the shop.
Q: I know the king cakes are guaranteed delivery overnight, but can they be delivered by a certain time?
No, it's only guaranteed to be there the next day, not any specific time. If time of delivery is an issue, perhaps ordering the cake the previous day you need it (if shipping date is available) will facilitate that matter.
Q: Can I get a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday delivery date?
No. UPS only has delivery dates of Tuesday through Friday, depending on available shipping dates. Only exception is the two Mondays before Mardi Gras. UPS will pick up the king cake on those Saturdays and deliver them on Monday.
Q: What should I know about your kingcakes and Food Allergies?
All of our king cakes may contain or may have been in contact with the following items: milk, eggs, wheat, soy beans, peanuts, and tree nuts (pecans). 
Q: I have multiple orders that I'd like to ship to one location. Do I have to enter each order individually?
Yes. Each order has to be entered individually. Another option would be to call the shop and have the shipping operator enter them in.
Q: I have a few clients/families to send king cakes to. Is there a faster way to enter all the orders?
Yes, you can click on "Bulk Orders" page on our website and download an Excel file which details how to format your shipping order and send the file to or you can call the shop or fax your information and one of our shipping operators will call you to complete payment.
Q: How long will the king cake last?
The king cake will maintain its freshness 2-3 days after receiving it. If you're planning on serving the cake 2-3 days later, don't open it up. Keep it out of direct sunlight, in a cool place. If you're wanting to keep it longer, we would suggest to put the king cake in the freezer upon receiving it, and then take it out 3 hours before serving and it will thaw and will be ready to serve. You can check out our website under "News" and Subtitle "King Cake 101" and it will give you detailed instructions.
Q: Can I send the king cake to someone who lives in an apartment?
Yes, HOWEVER, UPS WILL NOT leave the king cake at the door if no one is home or no one answers the door of an apartment building or complex. UPS will leave a note on the door saying they attempted delivery and will be back again the next day to accomplish delivery. If this delivery was attempted on a Friday, UPS will come back that Monday to attempt delivery.  You can call the UPS center and either pick up the king cake from them or they will attempt delivery again the next day. If someone you know lives in an apartment and you want to make sure they receive their cake, make absolutely sure someone will be there to accept delivery.  Another suggestion would be to send the king cake to their place of employment.