King Cake Season Has Begun

With the turning of the year, it’s time for king cake season! Carnival 2022 began officially on January 6th in New Orleans, debuting to beautiful skies and festive Mardi Gras jams playing for the multitudes of king cake admirers ready to tackle their sweet tooths. Even though king cakes can be purchased year-round, having the discipline to hold off until the official start of Carnival is a Louisiana ritual now long baked into southern tradition. 

Bakeries, specialty markets, and grocery stores all see familiar faces returning in long lines to get their mittens on their king cake of choice. It’s not atypical for shelves of this regional delight to be cleared out in only one day! With the rollout of newer vaccines and a better understanding of the global situation, many are cautiously optimistic for a more traditional Mardi Gras experience in 2022. The high demand for king cake in New Orleans is a good barometer for the signal that many wish to return to parading this year. 

Early demand for more and more king cake has come in waves, especially amongst those looking to pick up additional cakes for the 12th Night festivities in the afternoon and evening. We’ve seen prudent purchasers order multiple series of king cakes in all kinds of dazzling flavors to serve as gifts to friends and loved ones. On the first day, truckloads of cakes can be seen leaving the bakeries of each New Orleans residents’ favorites; it’s always a tradition to patronize your favorite bakery first. 

Showcasing our unique, time-tested king cake flavors has always been a source of pride, and with everyone being cooped up at home the past few months, our web traffic has only reached new heights. Thankfully, it looks like we can all start to return to a bit of normalcy, making this year’s Carnival celebrations and king cakes all the more delicious to share with those around us. A party atmosphere has returned to New Orleans, and our talented bakers are ready to show off their craft. While we don’t know exactly what Mardi Gras 2022 will look like, we can take comfort in knowing that the classic Louisiana tradition of king cakes can still bring us all together and evoke fond memories of old. 

With the extended carnival season, you’ll have ample opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth in the delights that king cake has to offer. If you’re interested in putting in a few orders for yourself, then don’t wait too long! Our staff works tirelessly to make sure that everyone gets the best king cakes and baked goods possible, and our line of customers grows ever longer. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you indulge in a thick slice of New Orleans tradition! 

King Cake Season