New Orleans' Most Haunted Destinations

New Orleans is known across the country for it's spectacular Mardi Gras celebrations and, of course, Randazzo's famous king cakes. Along with the splendid carnival season, New Orleans is home to many unique characters, including ghosts! Some of the spookiest and mysterious destinations are hotels where you can visit the ghosts of New Orleans for yourself. 

One of the most haunted places in New Orleans is the Andrew Jackson Hotel, located on Royal Street, which is right in the center of the French Quarter. Here, guests are charmed by the quaint rooms and friendly staff. However, after staying in Room 208, many guests have fled the room, hoping to change rooms. The spirit causing so much disruption is known as Armond, one of the children who supposedly perished in a fire. Armond tends to wake guests with giggling and laughter. Some guests even reported that they were shoved out of bed and uncovered by an unseen force! If you are looking for paranormal thrills, then the Andrew Jackson Hotel is the place for you. You are sure to have chills sweep over your body when you encounter the hotel's ghostly children. 

If staying in a haunted hotel is not your cup of tea, then visiting the LaLaurie Mansion on one of the haunted tours is a must. Most people have heard of the famous LaLaurie Mansion. It is one of the most popular stops in the New Orleans Ghost City Tours. It is also referred to as "the Haunted House." This mansion is believed to be haunted by the slaves of Delphine LaLaurie, and many people claim it is cursed. This is certainly not a location you want to miss when visiting haunted places in New Orleans. Madame LaLaurie's story is sure to leave you intrigued and mystified. 

Good food, parties, and an amazing culture are not all the beautiful city has to offer. If ghost stories are what you want, then New Orleans has some of the best all-around. 

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