Krewe of Muses

Having the distinguished honor of being the first all-female Mardi Gras krewe, the Krewe of Muses honors New Orleans with its captivating presence with several nods to the women of the Bronze Age myths. In ancient Greece, the Muses were known as the nine daughters of the God of Thunder and Lightning, Zeus. No festivity in the divine halls of Olympus were considered appropriate without their awe-inspiring singing. On earth, there was no scientific enterprise, no fine art created, no intellectual movement completed without first seeking out the Muses for their blessings and inspirations. 

A millennia later, the Krewe of Muses keeps celebrating the wild beginnings and the civilized virtues of these goddesses along with their mysterious aura in the heart of New Orleans. Nearly two decades later, the krewe has grown to over 1,500 members seeking to elevate the cultural and artistic resources of the community and incorporate them into the Mardi Gras event each year. The Krewe of Muses is never happier than when the whole community is able to take part in the festivities! 

When not throwing as hard as they can, the Krewe of Muses is dedicated to philanthropic works during the rest of the year. They are famous for their shoe-themed decorations, which have also become throws that generate money for charitable causes and scholarships. Their annual ride auction has donated over $30,000 to both local and international organizations like Lindy’s Place, House of Ruth, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation! 

During the crisis of Hurricane Katrina, the Krewe of muses banded together to provide money for those who were most impacted in order to help keep them afloat until they were back on their feet. The krewe also provided throwing sets and other items post-disaster to those who wished to ride with them, free of charge. 

Although the Krewe of Muses is young when compared to the other super krewes of New Orleans, the group grows every year by the proliferation of all-female events, Thirsty Thursdays, and pre-glittered shoe auctions. 

Krewe of Muses