Can Dogs Eat King Cake? 

Although our famous New Orleans king cakes are perfect for parties of any stripe, feeding them to your dog is generally not something that we would recommend! 

While a little nibble or two is unlikely to harm your pooch, dogs possess a sensitivity to far more foods than would be expected, especially since many such foods are commonly found in a variety of human meals such as king cake! 

Macadamia nuts and chocolate are two highly-toxic elements that would ruin the celebrations for any pup, and most people are familiar with them being harmful to four-legged party-goers. However, did you also know that grape, raisins, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and candies can all be very harmful to your dog’s internal organs? 

Apart from harming your dog’s body, getting them hooked on sugar is very detrimental to their teeth. Dogs can get cavities quite easily, and the clumps of sugar that cake onto their gumline and teeth can be difficult to remove, especially if your dog is reluctant around a toothbrush! 

Dogs, just like humans, are prone to dangerous blood sugar drops as well that can cause quite a scare if a dog who is not used to having a sugar rush gets hit with a trip and the harsh crash afterward! Even worse, a dog might be pre-diabetic, and eating king cake might cause an unsafe spike in their blood sugar. 

Want to get clever for Mardi Gras for the sake of your four-legged companion? Consider making your kitchen into a temporary king cake shop by concocting a plain, baked ground beef “cake” with thinly-grated plain carrot for bulk and beef bits or tips for “sprinkles.”

That way, while all of your two-legged revelers can enjoy some of our famous king cake, the dogs won’t need to feel left out of the celebrations when you bust out the pooch-friendly option. Careful though, with a meaty smell like that wafting around your home, the Mystic Krewe of Barkus and Krewe de Paws might come party-crashing! Contact Manny Randazzo's today to learn more about our king cakes!

Dog Eating King Cake